Tom Henthorn Recording Studio


I am a Record Producer, Recording Engineer and a Mix Engineer from Sheffield.

My family were profoundly musical when I was growing up, and I was classically trained from an early age. But when I discovered alternative rock in my mid-teens, it completely changed my perception of "good music". I taught myself guitar and bass, and I've been in bands ever since, constantly expanding my musical taste and appreciation.

I produced my first album when I was 19 and developed my sound engineering skills throughout my 20s in studios like Jump Recording Studio and the much reputed Yellow Arch Studios. I also got really slick during 9 years as a live sound engineer, working in well-known venues like the Leadmill, and touring venues like Cardiff Arena and Hammersmith Apollo.

In 2006, I opened up Ebb-Tone Recording Studio in Sheffield with my band mates. The sound quality of the studio has improved massively because of the investment made possible by success. I've been lucky enough to record every kind of band in every kind of style, including a whole bunch of albums.

When I produced Downslide's self-titled debut album, we worked really hard together to produce something unique but honest. We used their influences as a focus: accessible urban flavours with heavy guitars and vocals. I'm dead pleased with the sound and the shape of the album, and especially that it's a true reflection of the band as they are.

I also produced "You're An Ocean Deep My Brother" by Firesuite, which I really think is a classic album: relentless in places, mournful and evocative in others, and definitely an album that is much weightier than the sum of its constituent tracks. We did it together, and the form, sound and musicianship make it a real artistic success.