Tom Henthorn producing music

Productions with subtlety and power in equal measure and in any style. Recordings that are everything they should be..., tight, attention-grabbing, dynamic.


"Each band has a sound, which is usually the sound they produce when they play together. If the singer needs a mic to be heard, then that band's sound already relies on technology. But take technology too far, and you lose the essence of their sound.

All my productions sound as loud and energetic as the experience you have when you hear them play together - even when you turn the volume right down...

...that's what technology is for me."


"I'm constantly innovating new production, recording and mixing techniques - and I don't just mean I have all the latest whizz-bang plug-ins. And I've developed a post-production style that has become just as important to my recordings as pre-production.

I make each production better than the last by stubbornly pursuing what I consider to be great production style, while jarring my mind open to bands' production influences...

...plug-ins don't make great productions - I do!"


"A good recording becomes a great production when people can easily identify it, and identify with it. So just as a well-produced album hangs together as a single work, so everything a band is (songs, clothes, lyrics, ethics, lighting, sound, artwork, performance, etc.) should be indisputably THAT BAND...

...this is what I capture."